Beat the Heat with Air Conditioning Repair

July 7th, 2014

Escape the blazing sun of summer with Don Owen Tire, Bloomington, IL’s one stop destination for all air conditioning and auto repair during these hot summer months. Working diligently to provide customers with the best selection of auto repair and current services, Don Owen Tire is prepared for summer with $89.95 auto air conditioning recharge at both locations. Together with Don Owen Tire, never allow a small problem to transform into a major repair. Maintaining air conditioning repairs routinely is typically quick and economical, while a larger auto repair may not be.

Consequently, as an air conditioning system begins to age, scheduling maintenance and resolving small issues will save both time and money for the future of any vehicle. If the air conditioning unit in a vehicle is not providing the same amount of cooling power as it once did, consult the trained professionals of Don Owen Tire for the highest quality in air conditioning repair in Bloomington, IL.

Supplying customers with quality auto repair and tires, Don Owen Tire understands fulfilling their customer needs for each season of the year is imperative to the comfort and drivability of every vehicle. Preparing customers with the highest quality equipment and brand names in product retail, Don Owen Tire and Service technicians work tirelessly to ensure vehicles are serviced to their optimal driving condition.

Schedule an appointment with Don Owen Tire and Service at either location in Bloomington, IL for prompt, reliable air conditioning repair to conquer the summer heat. Take advantage of discount air conditioning recharge rates until September 1, 2014, as much like the summer, this offer will not last forever!

Beat the Heat with Air Conditioning Repair was written by Henry Owen of Don Owen Tire

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