Firestone Introduces The FS507+

January 27th, 2011

The Firestone FS507 PLUS is now available for sale in four sizes of varying load range. This new, premium fuel efficient steer/all position tire is SmartWay-verified, CARB compliant, and is suitable for long-haul and regional use. With this latest launch, our Firestone Smart-Way lineup for steer, drive and trailer wheel positions is now complete. When the FS507 PLUS is paired with the SmartWay-approved and CARB compliant Firestone FD695 PLUS drive and FT455 PLUS trailer tires, this premium lineup offers some of the best fuel-efficiency in the industry.

Advanced twin-layer tread and improved sidewall compounding, proven casing construction and low rolling resistance tread design promote superior fuel economy. So much so that the FS507 PLUS meets requirements for SmartWay certification. The FS507 PLUS 90-Series features a four-rib tread design, while the low-profile sizes feature a five-rib tread design. Both tread patterns provide integrated design features that minimize irregular wear and enhance durability. The twin-layer compound combines a long-wearing tread cap for increased mileage with a cool-running base for enhanced retreadability.

Based on the FS507 design, the FS507 PLUS is a combination of the FS507’s well-proven casing and tread patterns with improved base and sidewall compounds for improved rolling resistance. Taken together, the FS507 PLUS offers 5% better rolling resistance compared to the FS507. Wear life is projected to be the same or slightly better than that of the FS507 due to thicker cap compound resulting in longer wear before base compound exposure. Irregular wear resistance, cut, chip and tear resistance and casing durability/retreadability should be equivalent to the FS507.

Even with its advanced fuel efficiency technology and the resulting rolling resistance that meets SmartWay certification criteria, the FS507 PLUS has the same base price for the 295/75R22.5 LRG as the FS507.

Firestone Introduces The FS507+ was written by Henry Owen of Don Owen Tire

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