Keep Your Tires Healthy

May 18th, 2015
Tires in Bloomington, IL Selling tires in Bloomington, IL and surrounding areas, we know what an important role your tires play in your car’s overall safety and performance. Midwestern winters can be hard on road conditions and tires in Bloomington IL, so our techs at Don Owen Tire would like to share a few tips on how to get the most out of your tires:
  • Proper Inflation - At Don Owen Tire, you’d be surprised at how many tires in Bloomington, IL we see that are underinflated. Estimates show that as many as 60% of cars on the road are driving on tires that have low air pressure. This costs you money in two ways -- tires that are under-inflated will wear unevenly at the edges and are susceptible to overheating and possible failure (as well as handling poorly). Underinflated tires in Bloomington will also use as much as 20-30 percent more fuel due to increased rolling resistance (think what it’s like riding a bicycle with a low tire!). Overinflation can be just as damaging, wearing tires unevenly at the center and delivering poor traction and a harsh ride. 
  • Tire Rotation - This is one of the easiest ways to enhance the longevity of your tires in Bloomington, IL. Switching the positions of all four tires at regular intervals ensures a pattern of even wear and enhances the car’s drivability, handling and ride quality. For the first part of the tires’ service life, they should be rotated every 3,000-5,000 miles; an easy way to remember this is to just schedule a rotation with every oil change. As the tires age and break in, rotations at every 8,000-10,000 miles are acceptable. Not only are rotations an important part of tire longevity, even wear can improve wet-weather performance. At Don Owen Tire, we’re happy to do rotations as part of a maintenance package for tires in Bloomington, IL. 
  • Suspension Check - An out-of-spec front end alignment is more than just an annoying pull to one side or the other. We’ve seen plenty of tires in Bloomington, IL that are worn unevenly due to poor alignment, as one tire tries to push or pull the vehicle in a different direction; the pavement then “scrubs” rubber from that tire due to drag. Suspension problems can crop up in the form of a “feathered” or serrated wear pattern, or “cupped” wear on the tread surface. Our alignment techs at Don Owen Tire can check the condition of your car’s suspension parts, fine-tune the angles of your front wheel alignment and get you back on the road again. 
  • Regular Inspection - There are things you can do yourself to prolong the life of your tires in Bloomington, IL. From time to time, get a close look at your tires...keep an eye out for cuts, foreign objects, uneven wear, tears, chunks, and bulges or other problems along the sidewall. Run your hand along the tread -- that may tip you off to problems you can’t easily spot with the naked eye. Any problems like these could mean being stranded by the side of the road! 
At Don Owen Tire, we carry a wide range of tires in Bloomington, IL and surrounding areas, in a variety of sizes and fitments for various vehicles. We put a premium on you, the customer, and hope that we’ll be the first ones you turn to when you need tires in Bloomington, IL. Schedule an appointment with Don Owen Tire, today! 
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