Life Hacks for Packing Your Vehicle

November 15th, 2016

If you’ve got a long trip coming up or if you’re moving, you know you’ve got a lot of packing to do. The good news is that SUVs and minivans are designed with Tips and Tricks in Bloomington IL an abundance of compartments and cubbies to make it easy to keep your stuff organized and accessible.  Of course you’ll probably want to move the big things like furniture with a rented or borrowed truck or van, but what about the smaller stuff? Don Owen Tire would like to make some suggestions:

--Whenever possible, avoid using boxes. Boxes are just cubes; they aren’t flexible and they don’t easily fit in and around other things, like their contents can. If you do use boxes, try to not use anything bigger than a copy paper box. A huge, overpacked box soon becomes very heavy and tough to move.

--Use garbage bags or cloth laundry bags for clothes; they’re squishable and easy to pack around or to shove into crevices. And any precious breakables you need to move can easily be wrapped in clothes and towels for protection, rather than spending extra money on bubble wrap.

--Pack the essentials first, in case you start running out of room later. If they’re buried, so be it; it’ll give you that much more reason to unload the vehicle all in one go. Your travel essentials, though, such as your wallet, basic toiletries, cell phone charger or MP3 player, should be easy to get to!

--Try to keep the load balanced. If at all possible, avoid putting too much of the load on one side or putting too much weight toward the rear or toward the front.

--Keep the smaller things aside until the end of the packing process – that way you can start finding crevices and spaces to pack them into.

Moving is always a headache, even if you don’t have much stuff, but if you’re driving a solid vehicle, that’s at least one less thing to worry about. Make an appointment with us at Don Owen Tire in Bloomington, IL and let us give your car a good checkup before you take it out on the road! 

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