Save Some Money...While You Drive

December 22nd, 2016

Around the holidays (and after, while you pay the bills), everyone’s trying to get a dollar bill to go a little farther. Here are a few ideas to help you squeeze a littleFuel Economy in Bloomington IL more out of a dollar while you drive:

--Starting your vehicle and letting it warm up isn’t really that great an idea. The engine’s actually going to warm up a lot quicker once you’re rolling and it’s under load, not while it sits there and idles. If anything, it’s not good for your engine as the idling engine generates water vapor, which mixes with the oil.

--Change your air filter. The air filter needs to be there, filtering out particulates that could make their way into the fuel system and engine…but when it becomes too saturated and dirty, it can restrict airflow to a point where it hurts fuel economy and power.

--Check your tires’ air pressure. You know what it’s like to ride a bicycle with a low tire? Like riding through wet sand, right? Same thing with your car’s tires. The increased rolling resistance kills fuel economy, and it’s really bad for your tires as well.

--Use your cruise control whenever possible on the highway. Obviously don’t use it in heavy traffic or bad weather – you need control in those situations – but cruise control can keep your speed more consistent than your right foot ever could.

--Keep your speed down on the highway. Leave a little early and allow more time if you need to, so you can keep your speed under 75. Above 70 mph, even a newer vehicle’s fuel economy starts dropping off quickly.

--If your vehicle’s Check Engine light is illuminated, don’t just ignore it. It’s alerting you to a problem that could be minor or maybe not-so-minor. If it has to do with fuel metering or emissions, it could be having an impact on your fuel economy.

That’s not even touching on regular automotive preventive maintenance, which saves you money in the long run. Day to day stuff such as these tips can help you out a lot on your fuel bills! If you’ve got any concerns or questions (or a lit-up Check Engine light), make an appointment with us at Don Owen Tire! 

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