Oil Change Coupon Normal, IL

Bloomington and Normal are both great towns. They’re where we live and work, they’re where our friends and neighbors and families live. At Don Owen Tire, we’re locally-owned and operated, meaning we have a real stake in what happens in Bloomington and Normal both. What happens in Bloomington affects folks in Normal, and vice versa.

Seeing how we’re neighbors with our sister city, we’d like to offer Normal residents the same great auto repair and customer service that our Bloomington customers have come to expect for 30 years now. That’s why we’re reaching out to our friends in Normal with a special on oil changes!

Come on in to either of Don Owen Tire’s locations in Bloomington, IL and have your oil changed for just $24.95. That includes five quarts of conventional oil and a new standard oil filter; all you need to do is present an ID that shows your residency in Normal. You can’t find a better deal than that anywhere, and it saves you the trouble of doing your own oil changes and having to find a place to put all that nasty used motor oil.

Oil changes at regular intervals are still the best plan for getting the most miles out of your car’s engine. Modern motor oil formulations can easily go 5-7,000 miles between oil changes, but it’s still important to have your oil changed regularly to head off premature engine wear and sludge buildup.

It’s nice to have Normal as our neighbors, and we look forward to serving you all. While you’re in for an oil change, be sure to check out our great deals on premium-brand tires and expert auto repair and maintenance. Make an appointment and come on in – it’ll be worth it for you!