About a week ago I had your staff at the Olive St. store put on another set of new tires - my third set from your company - and got great service as always.  A few days following that I returned because the AC was leaking water all into the passenger floor board area. Jamie helped me get a tech to take a look and they found that the drain was clear.  The only problem appeared to be a small crack where the AC tubing left the cab compartment of the truck.  Jamie suggested the best thing was a cheap fix of calking the crack with some silicone gel and that would hopefully stop the leak without a much more expensive repair of tearing the whole AC unit apart. I went out and purchased the silicone but was not clear where the crack was so I called and Jamie said he would make the fix if I brought in the silicone gel.  I got to the shop and Jamie was on lunch, but he heard me at the counter and left his break to come out and put on the silicone gel personally.   The next day I left for a long drive to SD and then CO and just now returned, happy to say that the AC never leaked ONCE! I can't thank you and your staff enough for your customer service that goes above and beyond.  Not only did Jamie suggest a very inexpensive fix, he personally took care of the problem himself even though he was at lunch when I arrived.  It is hard to find that type of customer service today and it is very much appreciated.  I will most certainly be a returning customer and am happy to tell others about your business!

 Thank you again for such great service!!

 Joan Brehm

- Joan Brehm
When I relocated to Bloomington 16 years ago, I asked my boss where he had his vehicles serviced. He spoke highly of Don Owen Tire, and, as it was close to my home, I started using them for my automotive repairs and new tire purchases. Along the way, I met Jamie from Don Owen Tire. I have always felt like he has gone out of his way to not only make me feel like he was truly glad to see me, but that he was going to make sure I was satisfied with the service I was given. Like many, I have been "taken to the cleaners" by auto repair centers, but I have never felt like I have been treated that way at Don Owen. In fact, I've been pleasantly surprised sometimes when the problem is not as expensive a problem as I had expected! On more than one occasion, they have had my vehicle up on the lift, found something very simple to fix, and not charged me a dime. In this day and age, I simply find this level of customer service and courtesy practically non-existent. When Don was active in the business, he used to come out from behind the counter and talk with you like he had known you forever, whether he had ever met you or not! As hectic as it can get there, the guys at Don Owen Tire, Jamie in particular, never seem to get rattled or get "short" with a customer, regardless of the occasional irate patron. I plan on using Don Owen Tire for my auto repair and tire needs in the future, and I can't recommend them highly enough. Brian Schuneman Senior Functional Medicine Consultant Metagenics Midwest
-Brian Schuneman
When you visit Don Owen Tire, you often see people standing in line at the counter. We don't stand in line for tires. You can buy tires anywhere. We stand in line because of this company's commitment to customer service, before and after the sale. Of course most of us get tires here too.
-Rick Caldwell
Heartland Bank and Trust Company appreciates the great service we receive from Don Owen Tire Service! The friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable technicians, and prompt service we receive make doing business with you a pleasure. We especially appreciate the courtesy transportation back to our office and the competitive prices on service.
-Diane Lanier, Heartland Bank and Trust Company
My son is an ISU student and had car trouble. We were told about Don Owen Tire by someone that lives in Bloomington. So we had his car towed to their shop. They were VERY fair and we would recommend them to others. The price was reasonable and the communication was greatly appreciated. YES--we will return if we need more service. Thanks by DKG
I will never go anywhere else for tire service! Two other places in town refused to patch one of my tires, claiming the puncture was too close to the sidewall, and tried to sell me new tires immediately. The wonderful guys down at Don Owen took one look at my tire and immediately said it could be patched! I was out the door in 20 minutes for $15...I'll never even consider using another shop for tire repair!
If you need any tune-up service or new tires, I highly urge you to patronize Don Owen. The owner donates so much money to community organizations, and there are always coupons floating around. The service is quick and thorough for whatever you request, but they don't do extras like wash your car or whatnot. Their prices are comparative to other places, competitive - not the highest but not the lowest. Bottom line - good people, fast and thorough service. By Jena M
-Jena M
I love this place they are always friendly and they listen to the customer. They always seem to do what I need, and do a great job!! by Matt
Always a great experience when there is an emergency car repair or just needing new tires. We are repeat customers. Kendra M
-Kendra M
I trust them to always give me an honest report! I use them for tire purchases, auto repairs, and routine maintenance. Their prices are always competitive. By Katherine Evans
-Katherine Evans
I sincerely want to thank everyone who helped me today with replacing a tire on our company vehicle. We had a tire blow out on the interstate on the way to a seminar in Bloomington and by the time we got the spare put on, we were already late. Your staff came to the convention center where our seminar was being held and picked up the vehicle, took it back and replaced the tire, and brought the vehicle back while our seminar was going on. It was completed by the time we were done and able to get back on our way to Galesburg. Thank you again for the tremendous customer service you provided for myself and my employer and made this unfortunate situation able to be resolved. Great job Jeff Johnson Compliance Officer F&M Bank 21 E. Main Street Galesburg, IL 61401
-Jeff Johnson

I just want to thank all of you @ Don Owen Tire for your fabulous customer service!!!!


Last fall I ordered 2 new tires for my 2008 Ford Focus & then ordered the other 2 new tires this past Wednesday morning.  From the online contact message I initially sent last fall through the mounting of the new tires this past Friday, each Don Owen Tire employee was very friendly, accommodating, and helpful – the employees I visited with on the phone, the gentlemen at the counter on Empire Street, the young men who drove me to work & then graciously returned to pick me up, and Kathy (I believe is her name who helped me via telephone last Wednesday). 


It was a little bewildering to me as a now single woman to select tires but felt very comfortable and confident that the Don Owen Tire family would be the perfect choice for purchasing and installing new tires on my car!!!  Your employees made the process entirely simple and quick.  The part I most appreciated was providing “out the door” cost!!!! 


You are to be commended for your above and beyond customer service and for selecting so many good people to be part of your business!!! 


Thank you very very much for all of your help in selecting the perfect tires for my car and for making the purchasing experience so easy!!!  You can be assured that I will refer all of my friends to Don Owen Tire smileysmiley


Hope each and every one of you have a wonderful and beautiful day!!!


Linda Laskowski

-Linda laskowski

I have always been treated with the best and courtious service, each time I've visited your establishment. The people are very knowledgable. I purchased tires for my van last year, and I now have a new vehicle, and when the time comes I will get my tires at your location.

-Reviewed by KAREN BAYS on Mar 05, 2012

I have been going to Don Owen Tires for years. My family has also been going to Don Owens Tire for years. My dad has been a faithful employee there for 22 years also. The staff is great. The inside waiting area has plenty of kids books and coloring books! The staff always talks to us with a smile on their face. Don Owen Tire I recommend to friends and coworkers. Prices are reasonable and work is timely. Great company!!

-Reviewed by TIFFANY BOYD on Feb 27, 2012

Always have my tire work done here; great team to work with. They know their business and keep the customer fully informed.


I always have fast friendly service tht is very professional. I will always take my Car or Truck to Don Owen Tire...Thanks again!!!

-Reviewed by S.I. Bloomington

Like always, you got my car done for what you quoted me and it was done when you said it would be. Your staff is friendly.


Always, good service


They figured out the problems with my car an explaned in detail what needed to be done and what did not. I will return to Don Owen when ever i need them.

-Reviewed by Jackie Boyd

I drive from Landmark in Normal to see you guys as you always to a good job. Mark and Joe in the shop have really always been good to work with as well as the guys behind the counter. Bart Needles

-Reviewed by BART NEEDLES

have never been unhappy with service -I know I can always count on you to be friendly and helpful and most of all honest


I have been coming there on Olive st. for 25 years and always have been pleased with service in every way...DM

-Reviewed by DENNIS MAIER

great place best service in bloomington normal and best price. They will fix your problem right the first time.


I've been using Don Owens for over 20 years. Prompt professional service, great customer care attitude, and fair prices. Two services however were less thorough than I expected- had to go back and have additional work done on brakes which was really frustrating.

-Reviewed by J.E. Bloomington

Very friendly at the front desk and helpful

-Reviewed by MARK HICKEY

I had to have work done several times since Aug and each time you were helpful and answered my questions. Things were also done in a very timely manner. I will definitely recommend you!

-Reviewed by AMY BROOKE

Always friendly, always timely, never an issue with Don Owen Tire.


The entire staff is friendly and more than helpful. I've only had good experiences at Don Owen and they have more than earned my trust. I would recommend them to anyone looking for vehicle maintenance/repairs.

-Reviewed by Suzi Greenberg

Great products and services at competitive price, outstanding customer service...always a good experience with you guys on Olive Street...thanks

-Reviewed by Ken Kasprzak

I'm always happy with the service I receive. Never once have I had a problem.

-Reviewed by ROBERT MARSH

Very happy with the service I get from your place of business. I will share my feelings with friends who might need your services.

-Reviewed by Harold Burton

Everytime I have come in to your business. The people in their are wondrful. Sometimes as a single woman I have been to place that try to over charge and take advantage of me. I have never felt that way with your business and I recommend you to all my friends. Thank you so much for doing an awesome job.

-Reviewed by SANDY UTSLER

We always have received great service . The staff are all friendly and professional. Thank You!

-Reviewed by Tammy Clem

Service people were helpful in finding a hard to find tire. Thanks

-Reviewed by TOM & LORI GUTH

The Owen team is consistently on target with communications and doing what they promise.


I was taking the front tires of my lawn mower to another repair service and for at least 3 years I would start to mow the lawn only to find the tires flat. I was told I had gotten thorns in the tires so was very careful not to mow in any area that might have thorns. There was even a time when I picked up the tire from being repaired, took it home, put it back on the lawn mower and when I went out the next morning the tire was again flat and I hadn't even used the lawn mower. I was spending a fortune on tires, tubes and repair labor service charges. This spring I decided to take the tires into Don Owen Tire Service and haven't had a single flat on my lawn mower since. EXCELLENT SERVICE!!!

-Reviewed by J.S. BLOOMINGTON, IL

Everyone from the manager to the technitions were very helpful and very curtious. You have a company to be proud of.

-Reviewed by Connie Wheeler

awesome job as always ,did what you said you would do ,couldnt be happier .

-Reviewed by Brian Tackett

Great company- always able to help and work within a budget. Highly recommend Don Owen Tire!

-Reviewed by BETH BRADFORD

You were up front honest and fair with prices. I have recommended your business to several in the past and will do so in the future

-Reviewed by Mark Kerrick

Thank you for the quick and courteous service. That's the reason I keep going back to Don Owen Tire!

-Reviewed by Jarrod Herald

We have always been happy with the service we receive. Thank you for your wonderful service!


I am ALWAYS pleased with the standard of work your business does and the courtesy of the staff also excels!!

-Reviewed by EVA WHITE

No matter we are needing done on our vehicles, Don Owen Tire is always able to determine the best solution at the lowest cost. Never any worries about their work - and how many other businesses can you say that about! Thanks!!

-Reviewed by A.W. Bloomington

If you are looking for competitive pricing, integrity and personal service look no further.

-Reviewed by MARK LAMBERT

I was very happy with my last visit. I ordered new tires for my used car. There was a small problem with getting the ones I had ordered but it was resolved in a manner that far exceeded my expectations. Just another reason why I always recommend your business to everyone I know.

-Reviewed by BRIAN UPP

Owen's the only service center in town we trust. I've been using them for years and have always been pleased on the quality of repair, service, and price. Would highly recommend!

-Reviewed by B.G. Bloomington

I have always had good and promply service done right

-Reviewed by Don Kearfott

The service at Owen Tire & Auto has always been excellent. The technicians are prompt and explain the problem to the customer thoroughly. The team of technicians are very polite and kind. Thank you, Amanda


Excellent counter service along with communication.


You are a friendly group and service was excellent.. Thank you.

-Reviewed by BETTY MARK

Alway attentive to service needed, thanks

-Reviewed by JIM HAUSKINS

Fast, courteous service. Thank you so much.

-Reviewed by MARY LYKINS

always have had good service and no mater how busy you are .. your folk are curtious and helpfull to all who enter . a pleasure to be a customer

-Reviewed by James Burchett

I think that your service team at your store on Empire St. are of the top professional people around town, They take the time to know and treat you like a friend

-Reviewed by Don Kearfott

I've been a customer for years and will continue for years to come. Great customer service, accurate quotes and great products. Great staff. Keep up the good work.

-Reviewed by MARK RUSHER

I was extremely disappointed in how long it took to fix the van, but I was extremely pleased with Owen's admitting that they dropped something in my car engine, and paying themselves to have it fixed. They even rented a car and a van for me while they were fixing it. Will I recommend people to go to Owen Tire & Auto? I already have. I feel as if this is one of the "honest" repairmen in town. I did not give you a 5 star because a mechanic from there did drop something in my car engine and it took 2 weeks to fix the car. With my lifestyle that made life extremely difficult.


You have always worked me into your tight schedule as soon as possible. Thanks for the good service.

-Reviewed by LYNDALL CUBA

Problem was diagnosed and an estimate provided. Was able to get my car in on my schedule. During the repair, another optional, but recommended part was needed (which changed the estimate) so they called to let me know/get my approval before proceeding. My car was ready when they said it would be. And, as usual, all the guys are very professional and friendly.

-Reviewed by K.Z. Bloomington

The service at Owen Tire is warm, friendly and professional. I love that they are honest. They are the BEST!!!!

-Reviewed by IRIS CANNON

The service at Owen Tire is warm, friendly and professional. I love that they are honest. They are the BEST!!!!

-Reviewed by IRIS CANNON

Friendly personnel; good service and excellent products.

-Reviewed by Claude Graeff

We always go to the store on Empire St. The people there are always very helpful and willing to answer any questions we have. They also will call us if there is a major problem before fixing it. They provide great service.

-Reviewed by F.M. Downs,

Yes, you did an excellent job for me. You had the tire I needed when mine wasn't fixable. Thank you. And, you worked me in right away. Thank you, again.

-Reviewed by PAM YEAST

Great people! I never feel like I'm getting ripped off like I do at other places.

-Reviewed by Anonymous

Awesome service. OWENS will tell you when you Dont need to spend money on your vehicle. Now that is honest service you dont find anywhere else.

-Reviewed by K.W. LeRoy

Always great service recommend to all I meet for tires & repair to their cars !!!


I have found that Owen Tire and Auto has provided me with competent, honest, courteous, and reliable service with clear explanations of the work on my car. As long as it continues to provide such service, I will continue to have my Caravan serviced by Owen Tire and Auto.

-Reviewed by ROY TREADWAY

I have always been treated fairly and with respect. Owen Tire & Auto has saved me a ton of money over the years in comparison to dealership repairs. Highly recommend !!

-Reviewed by Jan Carlson

I just want to thank you & your service men who helped us . We came in with our camper , blowout.
6/24/2014. Mitch Burton.
Because of your help & advice , we had an enjoyable & safe trip.
I would give your review a 5 star - but I couldn't get to the review entry area.
Thanks again & God Bless
Keta Burton

-Keta Burton

My daughter and I were Christmas shopping on Saturday, December 19th. As we neared the mall, my tire pressure low indicator went off. I checked the pressure and it was down to 26. We pulled into the mall parking lot while I tried to decide what to do. The pressure kept decreasing. I noticed Don Owen across the street so I had my daughter check hours on her phone while I fought shopping traffic to get across Empire. I believe it was 12:26 when we walked in the door and they were closing at 12:30. By this time the pressure was down to 15. Despite it being quitting time, they stuck around, pulled a foreign object out of my tire, got the tire fixed, and had me back to my shopping in about 15 minutes. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the friendly service I received and say thank you to those who worked a little longer that day. What could have been a major ordeal ended up being only a very minor setback. Thank you!