Wheel Alignment Service in Bloomington, IL

Wheel Alignment in Bloomington, IL

Is your car not driving like it used to? Have you noticed a persistent pull to one side while you’re driving on straight pavement? Maybe the steering and road manners feel a little “squirrelly” and unstable, or maybe the steering wheel doesn’t center itself so easily after a turn.
The thing is, a pull to one side while driving is more than just annoying. It’s also costing you money in terms of fuel economy, because that wheel that is trying to steer the vehicle off to one side is causing excess drag and rolling resistance. It’s also costing you money in terms of premature tire wear on your front tires.

Picture a man who walks with one foot angled out to the side slightly. In time, that shoe is going to wear differently from the other one, and that’s not unlike what happens with your tires. As that tire constantly tries to steer the vehicle to one side due to that skew to one side, its tread is being scrubbed off at an inside or outside edge.

There are four steering angles that an alignment technician can adjust:
  • Toe-in, the inward angle of a wheel as seen from above
  • Toe-out, the opposite of toe-in
  • Camber, the inward or outward tilt of the top of a wheel as seen from the front  
  • Caster, the wheel’s fore-and-aft positioning relative to an imaginary vertical line behind the wheel
Every vehicle leaves the factory with the wheels set at very specific angles for optimum handling and road feel. A hard hit on a pothole or curb, however, can cause those angles to drift out of spec. In some cases, on a vehicle with a lot of hard miles on it, front end parts may be damaged or worn to a point of needing to be replaced before a proper alignment can be done.

A technician can make minute adjustments on a piece of gear called an alignment rack until the wheels are back to manufacturer’s settings again. Don’t just put up with a vehicle that drives poorly, and don’t replace tires that wear prematurely. Make an appointment with us at Don Owen Tire in Bloomington, IL and let us get your vehicle back to driving like new again!